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Our Company

Goals and services. is able to offer a high level of services to individuals. Take advantage of lower prices on telecommunication, mobile telephony, video and audio products. Products branded,reliable and with the support of official represantation.

Our goal is to supply equipment at affordable prices for everyone. The internet gives the possibility of low operating costs resulting in the most modern service and lower prices. Easily and economically choose the products you want from your computer screen that are delivered directly to your place.

Products and markets. Our products are categorized in order to make them easier to find. We are constantly trying to increase our range of products, but their quality is a priority. We will be glad to hear your own suggestions. At we always try to get the most competitive prices. We dont charge the products with hidden costs and later we present the actual (eg transport etc.) as free... Our payment methods are clear and flexible. Our ways of shipping as well. Οι τρόποι πληρωμής μας είναι ξεκάθαροι και ευέλικτοι. Οι τρόποι αποστολής μας επίσης. Always try your purchases to be a delightful experience.

We would like to inform you that your purchases with credit or debit card will only be send after confirming their details. Any delay in your shipments will only happen for that reason. Also, if you buy from our page with a credit card and pick yours from our store, you will necessarily need to have your id or passport with you. Without those documents, you can not deliver the goods for your own safety alone. In case your purchase is made with a credit card from our site and you request a shipment at your place, you will necessarily need to send us a fax photocopy and upon reciept you will show it to the employee of the company.

We want you as friends with an excellent relationship between us. We are not an impersonal company. We're here to work with you and solve any problem. We will be glad to hear your comments and ideas!

We wish you good shopping...